Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Your Struggles are Your Strength

What if ... ?


I've been getting a LOT of questions lately about my career as a Team Beachbody Coach.  What exactly do I do?  Can it be done part-time?  What if I have another job?  How do you make money?  Can I REALLY do it too?

I debated sharing the video below publicly (I made it for a private group).

Not because I am embarrassed.  But, because I really go into depth about what being a Team Beachbody Coach has done for me and for my family.  It is big stuff.  It is personal.  And, I get a little choked up in the video too.  And well ...... it never fails -- YouTube always gives me the craziest looking "thumbnail".  What is up with that?  Ha ha!

Anyway.  Being a Team Beachbody Coach has done SO much to enrich my life.  It has been an immense blessing for us in an infinite number of ways.  Why WOULDN'T I share that with YOU?   

When you find an amazing restaurant, with delicious food, excellent service, and a fabulous menu - do you recommend it to your friends?  No doubt, right?  No hesitation.

And this -- being a Team Beachbody Coach is SO MUCH more than that.  A blessing.  No 9-5 for this gal!  A life-changer.  Take a look:

Oh, and by the way, in case you're already thinking this way (like I did, initially) -- you don't need to be a fitness instructor, personal trainer, or even at your goal weight to be a Coach!  You just need to be on your own fitness journey (or starting it), and be willing to bring a few others along the journey with you. 

In fact -------> Your struggles are your STRENGTH and your STORY.

  • Truth:  I am NOT at my goal weight.  I've been struggling with this for the past 2 years.  
  • Truth:  I have been dealing with disordered eating since I was about 10 years old. 
  • Truth:  I am NOT perfect, nor will I ever be.
I just want to be the best version of me, possible.  Hopefully, a few folks can relate and I am able to help them -- as we walk this journey, together.

And the "TOGETHER" is what makes a difference!  I am surrounded by positive, uplifting, motivating people.  It is truly an amazing gift.  I am so happy that we have chosen this path in life.

My goal is to help others, like you, experience similar success. Your story isn't mine.  And maybe you haven't seen results yet using the Beachbody products.  NO MATTER.  That's okay.

After you watch the video above, I want you to know:  I am looking to mentor 10 new people over the next 2 months.  Here’s the type of person I am looking for:
  • Those that love to help other people.
  • Anyone with a natural ability or desire to teach others. I teach you. You teach others.  It's that simple.
  • Individuals that want to be a positive change in someone else's world.
  • Folks looking to get in the best shape of their life in 2015.
  • Friends who like to surround themselves daily with uplifting, positive, wonderful teammates who push you to success.
  • An understanding that you were born for greatness -- but no clue how to make it happen.
  • Friends with a sense of humor.  If we are going to work closely together, you must enjoy life and be able to laugh!

Note:  This video is something I created and privately shared in a Coach Sneak Group that I ran recently.  If you have any curiosity about doing what I do - click here, fill out the form, and let's start chatting (or simply email me at chrispechulis@gmail.com).  No pressure.  Just a talk.  If it is not for you, that's okay.

But think about this ------>  Is you current life situation making you happy?  If in 5 years, you are the EXACT same place that you are now -- will you be satisfied? 
Decide to really live your life.  Dream big.  Create a vision for you and your family.  Then, go and live it!



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