Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Score BIG with these Superbowl Swaps!

For a lot of people, Super Bowl Sunday equals a hefty Super Bowl snack time. Savory items like chips, dips, wings, and pizza are standard, but it's not a bad idea to also offer up healthy, lighter fare for yourself and guests. 

There are some easy swaps you can make for your favorite Super Bowl snacks that make them a little bit better for you and for your guests' waistlines. And the best part? These Super Bowl snacks are so tasty that no one will probably miss the fatty and greasy fare!

Hold the delivery this year and get creative in the kitchen.   I've made it easy for you.

These easy Super Bowl recipes are definite winners.  No matter who you are rooting for!

Instead of Jalapeno Poppers ------> Cheese-Stuffed Mini-Peppers
Lighten up your Taco Dip ------> Skinny Seven-Layer Taco Dip
Instead of wings ------> Clean-Eating Crockpot Buffalo Chicken
Spice up your salad ------> Mexican Side Salad

Also, as a "dipper", have you tried THESE yet?  They are "tortilla chips", but made with black beans.  They taste super-yummy and satisfy my tortilla chip-craving.  I think there are only 3-4 ingredients in them!

If you try any of these recipes for YOUR gathering, please leave me a note in the comments - would love to hear from you!  XO


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