Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Being Sidelined with An Injury. What CAN You Do?

Whether it's an aching back, surgery or a broken bone, chances are if you're physically active at all, you've also been sidelined by an injury.

I am sidelined right now with a brachial plexus injury.  It affects my right side: neck, upper back, and shoulder.  Thankfully, I am under the care of a great physical therapist/chiropractor.  He understands my desire to get back to my routine as quickly as possible.  And, he is using my own knowledge as a Certified Personal Trainer to help me move and heal.

So, if you ARE sidelined, what can YOU do?

Find Alternatives.  Change up your normal routine.  Can you swim or cycle -- both activities with little to no high impact?  Can you walk?  Try upper-body versus lower-body moves; using the half that is not injured.  I am changing up my routine by taking advantage of the new Beachbody on Demand and doing some low-impact workouts like:  Turbofire Stretch 40, P90X3 Dynamix, Tai Cheng, and some walking.  *Be sure to ask your doctor and your physical therapist what activities might still be appropriate.

Beachbody on Demand

Learn to Love REST.  When's the last time you really took a break?  If you are very physically active, this might be a real challenge.  I know it was for me, initially.  I am trying to view this is a time to heal, rest, and recharge.  An injury might feel like forced rest but is still time for the body -- and the mind -- to grow.

Learn to love rest.

Acknowledge Your Emotions.  I've been frustrated, mad, and upset.  And, that's okay.  It is perfectly normal to feel a huge range of emotions.  You have the right to them and also the right to acknowledge them.  This is a GREAT time to take advantage of some personal development -- I love podcasts! (especially Chalene Johnon's podcasts) -- it really helps to keep your mood uplifted and positive. 

Focus on Form.  When you are able to get back to activity, you will want to start by focusing on your form and muscle stability.  If you are used to weight-lifting, don't focus on "going heavy".  Focus on practicing GOOD FORM.  Poor form is oftentimes what led to injury in the first place. 

Set Small Goals.  What can you control?  You can ALWAYS control what you put into your mouth.  We all know that the biggest part of losing weight and staying in shape comes from your nutrition.  So, make a food plan and stick with it.  Have a laser focus on your food.  The 21 Day Fix eating plan has been instrumental to me staying on track with my health goals.  When it comes to working out -- take things slowly, setting small, attainable goals so you can still feel like you're accomplishing something. 

Focus on yourself and avoid comparisons to others. 

Practice gratitude.

Be the best version of YOU.

That's all we can do, every day.



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